2018 DA8 Cancer Crusher ISDE Qualifier

It’s ALL DONE – A special thank you to everyone who came out to help and to the all the participants.  

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The DA8 Cancer Crusher ISDE Qualifier – January 20-21

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Read the ISDE Qualifier Supplemental Rules

The Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association (AMRA) and FASTR Motorcycle Club (FASTR MC) are proud to present the “DA8 Cancer Crusher ISDE Qualifier”. This will be Round 5 of the 2018 AMRA Motocity AMA Arizona State Championship as well as the opening round of the 2018 AMA ISDE West Qualifier Series! This two-day event in the rugged desert mountains near Wickenburg, Arizona is sure to be one of the best Enduros of the year with miles of endless technical singletrack and a format that will be fun and challenging for riders of all skill levels.

As the first AMA ISDE Qualifier of 2018, this will also be a great event for ISDE LOI riders and others interested in the ISDE to get some experience with the format of one of off-road’s most prestigious events. FASTR MC’s course layout will include test sections that challenge a rider’s sprint skills and transfer sections that will challenge the rider’s technical ability as well as their ability to stay on a time schedule.

The format of the race will be short, fast tests with long, more technical transfer sections in between. Tests will be scored based on elapsed time, and were designed to mimic conditions likely to be encountered in Chile as much as the area allows. Riders will start each test one rider at a time every 15-20 seconds in no predetermined order (go when you are ready). There will also be time checks on the course with separate schedules for LOI/AA, A, B, and C riders. Time schedules will be posted each morning before the start. Riders will be penalized 60 points for every minute late to the time checks, and can not proceed through the check until their exact scheduled time. Start times for both days will be determined by registration order, with pre registration opening on Friday, December 22nd at 7pm.

LOI riders will be required to impound following a 10 minute work period at the end of Day 1. There will be an additional 15 minute work period in the morning on Day 2. LOI riders cannot start their bikes prior to their start time and must be able to 65 feet in 60 seconds under power to avoid penalty. All riders should review the ISDE Supplemental Rules.
There will be one remote gas stop on the course, so please bring a DOT approved gas container (as small as possible). Course mileage and additional info will be distributed as we get closer to the event. There will also be a mandatory Rider’s Meeting each day before the start. Key Time on Saturday is 9am, and 10am on Sunday. LOI riders are urged to submit their Letter of Intent as soon as possible. All riders are encouraged to renew their AMA membership if necessary prior to the event and remember that there will be a technical inspection for all riders.

Destry Abbott of DA8 Training will be on hand Friday afternoon to provide some tips and guidance for riders on the format as well as sharing some of his 7-time gold medal experience at the ISDE. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the DA8 Strong Foundation that is focused on helping cancer patients, a cause close to Destry’s family due to their own battles with cancer.
Pre-entry opens Friday, December 22nd at 7pm and closes January 16th at 10pm
Big Bikes pre-enter HERE
Minis pre-enter HERE