Mission Statement


The Fraternal Association of Single Track Riders Motorcycle Club is a dirt bike club based in Phoenix, AZ. While many of the members live on the Northwest end of the Phoenix/Glendale area, we have members all over the valley. Our members have varying interests in riding, racing and various disciplines of motorcycling. The one thing that is universal among our members is that riding motorcycles on dirt is not just a hobby for us; it’s a lifestyle.

The club organizes a race or two per year for the AMRA racing series that usually proves to be uniquely challenging, but very fun for the participants. The focus for the club really is about the passion we share for the combination of two wheels and dirt. To that end we strive to gear activities towards enhancing this lifestyle such as club rides, social events and activities that help keep our trails and riding areas open.

Please visit the Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association website learn more.